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It is not easy to make up for serious omissions once they have occurred. At least I can apologize for one in (or rather not in) the text of my book, The Theology of Marriage. The apology is to Dr. Janet Smith - for my failure to acknowledge there how much the idea and indeed the progress of the book were due to her. It was she who first suggested to me to put together in book form some of my more innovative theological studies published over the years. Then, as the work progressed, she was unstinting in giving her time - going critically through the manuscript and offering invaluable observations. Without her, the book would never have appeared.
All of this I should have acknowledged in my Introduction. Unfortunately this was written quite early on; and even after she increased my indebtedness by writing her Foreword, it escaped my mind to add truly sincere words of gratitude. An unforgivable omission - in excuse for which I can only plead the forgetfulness that comes with the years.
I have already apologized to her personally, but now wish to do so publicly.
With renewed thanks, my most sincere apologies, Janet.
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