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"Brave New Ireland", now published by Position Papers, Dublin, is a piece I wrote in the aftermath of the Irish referendum on "same-sex marriage". Just about everyone agrees that the outcome of the referendum would have been inconceivable in Ireland of ten years ago. This of course means that a trend has developed over these years, especially among young people, and no doubt continues to be at work. If, as it seems, a large number of older people neglected to vote, one can only conclude that they were unaware of the trend, rather than unconcerned about it.
My article was written in the hope of stirring awareness. I trust that I have not over-dramatized - but it is urgent that everyone reflects in depth on where this trend, so operative in Ireland and almost everywhere else, is threatening to lead the world to. (The article is to be found in the English Articles section, under "General".
My book,The Theology of Marriage: Personalism, Doctrine and Canon Law (Catholic University of America Press, 2015), continues to involve me in "to's-and-fro's" of opinion. Something to be welcomed.
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