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Feminism and Femininity
Over the past five years or so, the two items on my site which have been most frequently consulted are: "The Quest for Feminine Identity", and "Feminism v. Femininity: the Threat to Woman's Identity". As is obvious they are closely related, treating much the same topic from somewhat different angles. This is natural enough inasmuch as they reflect a theme that I have taken specially interest over the past decade.
A study of radical feminism has in fact kept my spare time occupied over the past years, with the gradually emerging idea of possibly publishing a book on the matter. Already some eighteen months ago, I had reached the stage of a fairly promising outline. Since then I have broadened my research, reading all of the main works directly or indirectly related to the topic - some 150 book in all. This has furnished new data, and given rise to new impressions and judgments. Now it is a matter of producing a more complete draft: close to something definitive which can then be submitted to possible publishers. God willing, I may have something like a final (always tentative) version within 2020. The probable title: "Feminism v. Femininity".
I will be very grateful for any original viewpoints on the topic which might be helpful.
Below is a list of the books I have read so far. If I have missed anything of importance, again I would be very grateful to know.
All the texts included on the website can be quoted from freely with a due reference to the text and the website. E-mailed information about reprinted extracts would be appreciated.
My prayers go to all those who may use this website; and I would be grateful to count on their prayers.
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