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For quite some time now I have been researching and gathering material for a book on "radical" feminism. The tentative title: Feminism v. Femininity. Over the years I have, I think, read just about everything important on the topic - studying and pondering both views I agree with and others I strongly oppose. My research is practically completed. A long period of synthesizing, correcting, polishing, etc. lies ahead. Whether I am given enough time to complete the work is another matter. Up to the Lord!
I have now posted (in the Articles Section - "Feminism") the main Bibliography - "Feminism: Bibliography" - so far read and studied. Of course I have been through many other books and articles - but found them either irrelevant or else too superficial to be taken into account. Nevertheless, if some reader spots some important omission, I would be very grateful to hear of it.
The December 2016 number of The Homiletic & Pastoral Review contains a contribution of mine: "Do men and women no longer admire and trust each other?". The text corresponds in part to one of the early chapters of the proposed new book. It can be found on the website under "Sexuality".

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All the texts included on the website can be quoted freely with a due reference to the text and the website. E-mailed notification about reprinted extracts would be appreciated (cburke@strathmore.ac.ke).
My prayers go to all those who use this website; and I would be grateful to count on their prayers.
N.B. In editing books and articles, some footnotes have been omitted; others condensed. Where possible, shorter references have been incorporated into the text within simple brackets: (). Longer ones have been converted into end-notes and are marked by square brackets: [].