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The latest additions to the site include a lecture, "The Home - Principal Heritage of Humanity", given some months ago at Strathmore University. It has since been published in Faith magazine of July-August 2014.
The family, or rather the upcoming Synod on the Family, is the topic of another article, "What should the October Synod discuss?", that appears in the September issue of The Homiletic and Pastoral Review online. There I argue that many media reports are completely off-course when they suggest that priority in the synodal discussions will be given to issues such as the admission to the Eucharist of divorced and remarried persons, the speeding up of annulment processes, and the possible revision of the Church's teaching on contraception.
In contesting this, I first point out that the Synod is on the Family, not on Marriage. Certainly the health of the family depends on the health of marriage; hence the two questions are intimately connected. Yet, if the topics so highlighted by the media are discussed, then it should be in the light of their relevance to the health of the family itself. From this latter point of view, I argue that divorce, annulments, and contraception certainly have their impact on the quality of family life - but a negative impact, not a positive one. Hence proposals to make them more "available" or more "acceptable" would seem to run clear counter to the declared purpose of the Synod.
The article is now posted on this site under English topics - Family. It is of course also available (with some more or less relevant) comments at HPRweb.com.
By the way, Man and Values itself is now presented on the site in a new and re-edited format. And I thank Italian readers who have noticed crossed node-connections in the article on the ‟Remedium Concupiscentiae‟. This has now been put right.
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