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Covenanted Happiness has proved by far the most popular of my books - perhaps also because I have revised it periodically to keep abreast of the abundant recent magisterium on marriage and the family (the Fourth edition of 2015 incorporates some of Pope Francis' abundant and enormously rich ideas).
Printed here in Africa, which helps to keep the cost down, it is obtainable from Scepter Press, indicating that it is the Fourth Edition one wants.
Rialp, Madrid, has brought out a somewhat abridged Spanish version of this fourth edition: Luces y Sombras del Amor (their choice of title, not mine!). I have now entered (within “Spanish Books”) a less abridged (and probably insufficiently corrected) earlier version of the text in Spanish.
I have also inserted an article - "What's Wrong with Sex?" - published some forty years ago, in a social context quite different to that obtaining today. Some of the ideas it presents may seem dated. Yet I feel that the appeal to the nobler side of young people, coupled with the conviction that such an appeal may work, still has validity. So, in case it may be of use to some young people, especially girls, I republish it here [English Articles: Sexuality].
A brief but not unimportant observation on the newly introduced processes for nullity is to be found in the Articles Section, under “Annulments”.
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