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I have been a guest speaker in many parts of the world. But no invitation has been more surprising, or has benefitted me more, than a recent one right here in Nairobi. Two of Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity (one Indian, one Croatian) came to invite me to give a talk to the Formators of their novices, because - surprise upon surprise - they use my Man and Values in their Novitiate (and also The Lawless People of God?). So I went to their main place in the Nairobi Huruma slums, and, along with seeing the impressive work they are doing there, had a very lively discussion of an hour and a half centered on the topic of Freedom and Commitment.
Someone might possibly describe my book as written for "intellectuals" (I have never done so). I doubt that the Missionaries of Charity would call themselves intellectuals. Be it so; but I have seldom come across such wise and generous persons, dedicating themselves joyfully to the poorest of the poor. I came back enriched. They are now more than ever in my prayers; and I, they have told me, will be in theirs. Further enrichment.
Committed freedom, covenanted commitment; and the joy that the Lord gives to those who, with his help, are intelligently and determinedly generous.
By the way, Man and Values itself is now presented on the site in a new and re-edited format. And I thank Italian readers who have noticed crossed node-connections in the article on the ‟Remedium Concupiscentiae‟. This has now been put right.
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