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"Further thoughts on the Synod" (Homiletic & Pastoral Review, July 2015)

Further thoughts on the Synod Homiletic & Pastoral Review, July 2015 (www.hprweb.com)

What should the October Synod discuss?

What should the October Synod discuss? [1]
Judging by the media reports on the Extraordinary Synod to be held in Rome this October, the bishops present will be mainly concerned with issues such as the admission to the Eucharist of divorced and remarried persons, the speeding up of annulment processes, and the possible revision of the Church's teaching on contraception. Implicit in most of the reports is the view that a liberalization or 'relaxation' of the Church's present discipline in these matters could help to ameliorate the pastoral problem or concern that the Synod is called to examine. What could be said about this view?

The Home - Principal Heritage of Humanity

The Home - Principal Heritage of Humanity [1]
Our title puts together three concepts: heritage, humanity, home. A brief initial word on each.
Heritage implies something that is handed down, that is worth not only having but also passing on to a further generation. So it implies something of value. By what standards can one distinguish what is of value?
Values may be spiritual or material, positive or negative, real or simply apparent. If the values we have are real (and the best of these are spiritual values, such as ideals of honesty or friendship) and we assimilate them, they help us grow in humanity. If they are only apparent (and this can happen especially with material values), their probable effect is to hinder or lessen our development as human beings.

Culture of Life and the Family (Hong Kong, 2007)

Culture of Life and the Family [1] Position Papers, Jun-Jul 2009, pp. 231-240

    Culture suggests art; and the Chinese are renowned world-wide for an artistic tradition that goes back thousands of years, and is still expressed today with that fine touch of delicacy and beauty so often lacking in modern western art. I was reminded of this just yesterday when looking once again at one of those marvellous representations of Our Lady, Queen and Empress of China. What taste, I thought, the artist has!; what sense of beauty and tenderness!; just to look at that work of art raises one's heart to God.

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