Social Structures and Laws based on Christian values

University Congress Lecture: Strathmore University, Nairobi, March 2000

            A broad topic has been assigned to me - "Social Structures and Laws based on Christian values" - and my intention is to speak rather broadly to it.

The Medicinal Power of Justice (Strathmore University Lecture, 2003)

            Allow me to begin with some personal details that are not altogether irrelevant. My father being a doctor and I a priest, I have always considered that medicine and the priesthood particularly qualify as service professions - professions dedicated to the service of others. I am also a lawyer, both civil and canonical; but must admit that only in more recent years have I come to consider that the law too has every title to rank as a unique service profession. It is not that I deliberately excluded it before from my idea of major service professions; I just did not positively include it in the list. Now I do, most positively.

The pastoral character of Church law (Homiletic and Pastoral Review, March, 1988, pp. 26-32)

The Second Vatican Council, to quote the opening words of its first document, "set out to impart an ever-increasing vigour to the Christian life of the faithful" (SC 1). The renewal envisaged by the Council was to be pastoral; in other words, it was to be a renewal of the Church's role in caring for souls, as it carries on the work of Christ the Eternal Pastor (cf. CD 1). A pastorally renewed Church, according to the mind of the Council, should therefore be a Church where souls are cared for better, where the care they receive is more according to the fullness of Christ's design.

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