Sentence of May 2, 1991 (Turin) (bonum sacramenti)

[English version: Forum, 2 (1991) 2: 106-124]



1.         Fulvio V and Gloria A fell in love in 1969 when both were attending high school. He had been baptized in the waldensian community, but gave up the practice of religion in late adolescence. While she came from a very religious Catholic background, her family circumstances were not easy since her mother was an alcoholic, and her father, insisting that she take care of her mother, opposed the relationship between the two young people. Family life becoming more difficult, she left home for six months in 1974 during which time she and Fulvio lived together.

Sentence of Jan 17, 1991 (c. 1095, 2 & 3)

[English version: Forum 2 (1991) 1: 117-131]


1.         Jessie B and Robert C, after an engagement lasting some two years, were married on - 1973, in - . Their married life was happy until the birth of their first son. The husband then became impotent, but recovered and another child was born in 1981.

            From 1982 on, frequent quarrels began between the two. They consulted several psychologists and marriage counselors, but things got worse. In 1984 Jessie insisted on a separation, followed by divorce.

Sentence of Oct 25, 1990 (Madras) (dolus)

[English version: Studia canonica 26 (1992) 235-243]



1.         After maintaining a regular relationship for three years, Sugeetha M and Mark N were married in Madras on July 11, 1987. SM, the Petitioner, was then twenty years old, the Respondent twenty two. Quite a number of details surrounding the wedding are obscure.

Sentence of Oct. 25, 1990. Roman (bonum fidei)

[English version: The Jurist, 51 (1991):1, 216-226]


1.         In 1973 IC & EE became engaged (when he was 17 years old, and she 16). The engagement, which lasted 9 years, led to sexual intimacy but also to many breaks and as many reconciliations. Although in 1980 she had begun and was continuing an affair with the head of the office where she worked, the parties were married in Feb. 1982. Their experience of conjugal life together was intermittent, since he lived in Bologna, she in Rome; it was above all extremely brief, for within a month she attempted suicide, and they finally broke up some weeks after that.

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