Decree of 18 October, 1990 (nullity of a sentence)

[English version: Studia canonica, 25 (1991), pp 196-198]

I. The Facts

Decree of Nov. 15, 1990 (nullity of a sentence) [publication of the acts]

[English version: Studia canonica, 25 (1991), pp. 509-517]

I. The Facts

            1. EM, the petitioner in this case, a widower with three children who was born in 1907, and MH, the respondent, met in 1972, in Ireland (where she lived) while he was on a visit there from the United States. They were married in her parish church on 14 January 1974, when he was 66 years old and she, 49. He claims that she agreed they would return to the United Stales to live there after her father died; but in fact did not fulfill his promise. The marriage broke up in 1978, and he returned to the United States.

Decree of Dec. 13, 1989 (nullity of sentence)

[English version: Studia canonica, 25 (1991), pp 193-196]

I. The Facts

Interlocutory Sentence of Nov. 16, 1989

[English version: Monitor Ecclesiasticus CXV (1990-I-II), 266-273)]



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