Sentence of Dec 15, 1994 (Milan) (exclusion of offspring)

[English version: Studia canonica 30 (1996), pp. 232-238]

I. The Facts

1.         Giuseppe and Margherita met in 1977 in Turin, where both were studying at the architectural faculty. They became lovers in March 1980 on Giuseppe's graduation; and in September of that year began to live together. When Margherita became pregnant soon after, Giuseppe pressed her to have an abortion but in vain. In these circumstances, they go married in the Turin church of * in March 1981. Although their child was born in July 1981, their life as spouses was short-lived, and marked by disagreements and fights. In April 1982 they separated.

Sentence of November 10, 1994 (Washington) (c. 1095, 2 & 3)

[English version: Studia canonica 30 (1996), pp. 221-232]

I. The Facts

1.         When John and Adrienne, after going together for three years, married in August 1957, he was 23 and she was 22. Their married life, from which six children were born, lasted almost thirty years. Deep misunderstandings began to arise between from 1982 on, due above all to the unfaithfulness of the man. They were separated two years later, and civilly divorced in 1987.

Sentence of Nov 24, 1994 (Dublin) (c. 1095. 2 & 3)

I. The Facts

1.         In 1972, when they were both very young, Bernadette and Denis began "going steady". In May 1974, the girl was injured in terrorist bomb incident in which a working colleague was killed. She had to be hospitalized and undergo psychiatric treatment for some six months. During this very time, the parties began to have sex relations, which led to her becoming pregnant. As soon as the families learned of the situation, they quickly prepared the wedding which took place on January 10, 1975. Bernadette had just turned sixteen, while Brendan was eighteen. Their life together, from which two children were born, lasted until 1982; then she definitively left him for another man.

Sentence of October 27, 1994 (Camden) (c. 1095: "relative incapacity")

[English version: Studia canonica 30 (1996) 533-552]

I. The Facts

1.         Anthony and Louise met in 1956. They began to go out together, and were engaged after a year and a half. Their marriage took place in X, New Jersey, in Feb. 1959; at that time he was in his twenty fifth year, she in her twenty first. Their married life, to which three children were born, lasted twenty four years, although during that period Anthony several times left the home temporarily. Finally they were divorced in 1986.

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