Sentence of Nov 25, 1993 (c. 1095,2: expert opinions / DSM)

[English version in Studia canonica, 29 (1995), pp. 241-253]

I. The Facts

1.         David and Danielle met in 1962 when the petitioner was doing military service with the U.S. Army in France. On his return home, they kept corresponding until she came at his invitation to attend his sister's wedding in August 1967. They then first spoke of getting married which actually occurred at the end of that same year. He was then 25 years old, and she was 27.

Sentence of Nov. 25, 1993 (Dublin) (c. 1095,2)

I. The Facts

1.         The parties met when they were both 17 years old. ...

II. The Law

Sentence of April 29, 1993 (c. 1095.2)

[English version in: Studia canonica 28 (1994), 241-262]

I. The Facts

1.         James and Eugenia first met at Easter 1957. They got engaged in 1964, after he had finished law school; and were married in October 1965. They had three children, and their married life together lasted 22 years. Tensions between them arose, due to James' drinking, especially in the last years. They separated at Eugenia's request, and civilly divorced.

Sentence of July 22, 1993 (Northampton) (c. 1095,2 & 3)

[English version in Forum, 6 (1995) 1: pp. 113-139]


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