Sentence of Nov. 26, 1992 (Armagh) (bonum coniugum)

[English version: Studia canonica 27 (1993), 496-505]

I.          The Facts

1.         After almost a year's engagement, Anne T ad Frank M got married on Feb. 23, 1980. At the time, both were twenty three years old. From almost the very start of their life together, he behaved violently towards her. Things got worse when she learned that, while she was in hospital, he had spent the nights with another woman in their home. Shortly after that, sixteen months from the wedding, she left him.

Sentence of Nov 5, 1992 (Paris) (c. 1095,2 [freedom and motivation])

[English version: Studia canonica 27 (1993), 486-496]

I. The Facts



1.         Jean-François E and Claire B met at the University (where he was studying Medicine and she Psychology) in March 1976, and soon after began to live together. They were married on March 3, 1979, but their married life together, despite the birth of one child, lasted little more than a year. They were divorced in November 1982.

Sentence of Dec. 12, 1991 (Chicago) (c. 1095,2)

[English version: Forum 5 (1994) 1: pp. 69-85]


1.         Lloyd F and Patricia S met in the month of May 1964 in the hospital where he was undergoing treatment and she was working as a nurse. Six months later they got engaged. They were married on June 26 1965, in the Church of St. X, Chicago. At that time he was twenty-four years old, she was twenty-two. Two children were born, and their conjugal life together last twenty-one years until 1986, when he left for another woman.

Sentence of Oct. 15, 1992 (Dublin) (c. 1095,2: "immaturity")

[English version: Studia canonica 27 (1993), 479-486]


1.         Maria D and Colm G first met in 1965. After they had been going together for some months, the man embraced the Catholic faith. Then the girl became pregnant and, at the urging of the parents of both, they were married on August 12, 1967. She was then 18 years old, he was 20. Their married life together, from which three children were born, was happy at the start; but then declined with infidelities on both sides. In 1979 Maria made Colm leave the home for good.

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