Domestic Church in Encyclopedia of Catholic Doctrine, Our Sunday Visitor, 1997 (Ed: Russell Shaw)

            The Church is the instrument of salvation. Christ lives and works in and through his Church in order to save and sanctify us, communicating his life and love and mercy, making us sisters and brothers of his, daughters and sons of God. Through the Church we enter into the "Family Life" of the Blessed Trinity.

MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY IN AFRICA: Position Papers, April 1988

Traditional African approaches in the light of natural values, and of modern secular attitude   

Marital and Family Commitment - a personalist view (Homiletic and Pastoral Review, June 1994)

            This century has seen an ongoing debate within the Church about the ends of marriage. A traditional understanding presented these ends in a clear hierarchy or order of importance: a "primary" end (procreation) and two "secondary" ends (mutual help and the remedy for concupiscence). Early on in the century a feeling began to emerge that this understanding was too exclusively centered on the procreative function of the marital relationship, while it neglected "personalist" aspects or values also characterizing this relationship, and of which modern times have become more aware: love between man and woman as the main motive for marrying, the promise of personal happiness or fulfillment that marriage seems to offer, the human values felt to underlie physical sexuality.

Family Matters (Interview for Perspective, Australia, December, 1992)

1.         You have lived in the United States, the UK, Italy, Spain and Kenya over the last three decades. In which country do people have the most positive attitude towards the family?

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